Our Girls
IABCA Champion Firehouse's Georgia On My Mind, CGC

SIRE: CH Bluegrass Legacy
DAM: CH Firehouse's Savannah Georgia

OFA: Good
EYES: Cleared

Destiny is an exceptional girl with a level topline, nice bone
structure, and beautiful effortless movements.  She is extremely
agile and athletic and has a marvelous personality.  Her
sparkling curiosity and joy in living is instantly noticeable.  She
stands 15-1/2 inches and weighs 22 pounds.
IABCA Champion Birchview's You've Got The Look, CGC

SIRE:   CH Walkabout Black Tie And No Tail
DAM:  CH Sierras California Fire

OFA:  Good
EYES:  Cleared

Sheena is a very special, gorgeous black tri female with
excellent structure and movement.  She is very sweet and
loveable and is an instant hit with strangers and visitors.  She
excels at snuggling and just loves belly rubs.  She stands
15-3/4 inches and weighs 24 pounds.
IABCA Champion Bold Legends"s Reign Of Glory ,CGC

SIRE: CH Willow Rock's Lord Tubby
DAM:  CH Bold Legend's Star Attraction

OFA:           Good
EYES:       Cleared

Reign is a very special little girl.  She is really dynamite in a
small package (15 inches, 23 lbs, and very muscular).  She is
very affectionate, devoted, fun, loves to tease, and is always
trying constantly to communicate.  When she is playing she is
very athletic but when you sit down she is right beside you and
loves to cuddle.
IABCA Champion Elk Lake’s Dixdlor Dolly Parton

SIRE:  CH Wanna’be High Speed Chase
DAM:  CH Bold Legends Reign Of Glory

OFA:        Good
EYES:     Cleared

Dolly is a beautiful, well proportioned blue merle with two
blue eyes and a real lady!!  She is a daughter to our Reign and
Chase and a sister to our Meadow.  She is 16 inches and 28
pounds and has a great personality.
IABCA Champion Sagonige Lakota Of Elk Lake

SIRE:  GR CH Bluegrass Sagonige Gili
DAM:  Elk Lake’s Waya Of Sagonige

OFA:         Good
EYES:      Clear

Here she is!!  Lakota is a beautiful, stunning, amazing little
blue merle girl and the granddaughter of our Reign and
Chase.  She is 15 inches and 22 pounds and her confidence
and charm are irresistible.
IABCA Champion Elk Lake's Mystical Meadow

SIRE: CH Wanna'be High Speed Chase
DAM: CH Bold Legend's Reign Of Glory

OFA:  Fair
EYES: Cleared

Meadow (our bundle of joy!!) won our hearts from the minute
she was born. This is one of the many reasons why we kept
her.  She is 15-1/2 inches and 21 lbs. She has outstanding
personality, structure, very devoted to everyone, and full of
love.  Meadow has tremendous athletic ability and her
enthusiasm is very apparent in all her activities.
IABCA Champion Bluegrass Fantasia, CGC

SIRE:  CH Patchwork's Bluegrass
DAM:  CH Taycin's Wee Bonnie Lassie

OFA:  Excellent
EYES:  Clear

Fantasia is a beautiful red tri female who stands 14-1/2 inches
tall and is a loving, loyal, affectionate little girl who is always
ready to please.  She is our pride and joy.  Cute and precious
are the words we always hear when people describe Fantasia.
She is now retired and enjoying being Queen of the Home.
IABCA Champion Bluegrass Kato, CGC

SIRE:  CH Patchwork's Bluegrass
DAM:  Kinnamons Jade

OFA:          Excellent
EYES:        Cleared

Kato is a beautiful, well balanced black tri female, with one blue eye
and one brown eye. She stands 16-1/4 inches and weighs 26 lbs.  She
is reserved with strangers until she knows them and then she is very
sweet, loving, and eager to please - a typical Aussie personality.  She
is a wonderful, loyal little dog, who appears to be trying to talk to
you, and seems to know what you are going to do before you do.
Elk Lake's Blazing Halley

SIRE:  Firehouse’s Aztec, mHIC
DAM:  CH Firehouse’s Georgia On My Mind, (Destiny) CGC

OFA:       Good
EYES:    Cleared

Halley is a beautiful proportioned, absolutely gorgeous black tri
female.  She is 17 inches and 27 pounds and has a heart
warming attitude and a delightful personality.